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What Time Is The Superbowl?

Posted on 02 February 2014 by stewart

Apparently this is one of the most searched topic on Google at the moment. I’m not sure why. :-)

Anyway, for dads out there who aren’t quite sure, kick-off is at 6:30PM EST. (That’s the East Coast of the US, in case you’re wondering!).

In the UK, that means you’ll be watching in your pyjamas as it’s at 11.30PM GMT. In France, it’s Monday morning, or 12:30AM CET. In Sydney, Australia, it’s also Monday morning – 10.30AM AEDT.

Hope that clears it up!

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Shiftwork Sucks

Posted on 21 November 2013 by stewart

Yep, shiftwork isn’t great. In my single days, I worked shifts and it was fine. Finishing your final nightshift on a Monday morning Continue Reading

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