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Kids Notice

Posted on 04 November 2013 by stewart

I guess you could call me the stereotypical dad. I do a bit of DIY, I do the techy things around the house (and other places), and when things break, I have a go at fixing them. I usually succeed too. Little M and Little J don’t break too many things beyond repair, thankfully!

Tonight I got home after a very busy day at work to find Little J and Little M in Little M’s bedroom, tidying. They’d been to Ikea and picked up a bunch of boxes to store her plethora of toys (they’ve been cluttering the floor for far too long!), and they were starting to sort them out and put them in the boxes for storage under the bed. At this point, I should probably tell you that Little M is a bit of a perfectionist.

She was trying to put the lid on one of the boxes and wasn’t quite managing it, but credit where credit’s due, she kept going until she got it. Then she turned to Little J and said “Fixed it. Just like Daddy”. That’s when I realised. She notices EVERYTHING. She knows that I’m the one who fixes things. Just one of the things which makes me smile.

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